Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gen Logan in later life

John A Logan

This visual of General Logan suits my feelings about him better that the intimidating wartime photos that are used when he is the subject of an article or a book. We know that the later part of his life is covered in a second volume by James Pickett Jones, John A. Logan, Stalwart Republican from Illinois (1982). At some point, I may try to read that companion to Jones' 1967 Black Jack.

So many of the Lincoln-centered histories describe Illinois' politics in the pre-Civil War era from the Northern viewpoint that I find it illuminating to have Jones writing with more emphasis on the Southern Illinois politician's arguments.

In Logan, we have a politician who switched parties, making for a story that is an especially interesting topic following a hectic presidential election.

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Terry B said...

This was meant to be the text to accompany the photo...better luck next time!

Google Images provides links to two museums of Logan memorabilia, both near Carbondale, along with a variety of portraits and statues. This shows Logan in later life, which I find more pleasing than those intimidating CW era poses.

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